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About Us

Fear Management LLC. dba fearmanagement.org

Board of Advisors and Dadicated Team

Hemant I. Bhatt

Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

  • Is Owner of Licensed Business Entity in USA
  • Was Elected Director of the Board of Directors of Asian Indian Chambers of Commerce, USA
  • Is Member of Central Jersey Indians Lions Club, USA
  • Was Director on Board of Directors of Stock Exchange listed Indian Corporations
  • Was Central Council member of The Institute of company Secretaries of India
  • Vast experience in Finance, Investments, Taxation, Legal, Entrepreneurship, Business Administration and General Management in USA and India.
  • Is Member of Social, Cultural Organizations
  • Widely traveled, consistently recognized for superior Performance and Professionalism.
  • Keenly interested in Human Welfare, Mental Wellness and Humanity
  • M.Com; LL.B. [Special], Post Graduate Dip in Taxation, Post Graduate Dip in Labor Laws, Fellow Member of The Institute of Company Secretaries Of India. Evaluated in USA as Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Business Administration, and Bachelor's Degree in Law from a Regionally Accredited Institution

[1]   Vasudev Makhija   [Dr.]- Psychiatry,, MD, DLFAPA

  • SAMHIN (South Asian Mental Health Initiative and Network) | Founder, President
  • NJPA (NJ Psychiatric Association) | Past President, Chair of Council on Member Services
  • SETON HALL UNIVERSITY | Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry
  • Jana Raksha Community Care Program | Clinical Supervisor
  • SAMHAJ, a NAMI-NJ program | Member, Advisory Committee

[2]   Neha Shah   [Dr.] -Internal Medicines

  • Dr. Neha Shah practice medicine in the state of New Jersey, USA for more than 10 years.
  • Specializing in the field of Internal Medicine, Dr. Shah is prepared to provide care to adult patients suffering from a wide range of illnesses and diseases, ranging from the very common to the very rare. Dr. Shah completed her residency program in Internal Medicine from Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center, affiliated with Robert Wood Johnson University, NJ, USA.
  • Dr. Shah had published two research "Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) in Diabetes" and "Epidemiology Report on Malaria".
  • Dr. Shah enjoys reading, traveling different countries & places, yoga and spending time with her family.

[3]   Bob Tailor   Banking, Business Banking, Finance and Project Expert

Global IT Consulting Firm

Webever Technologies

Chief Business Planner

Kaushiki Sarkar

Content Developers:

Hemant Bhatt
Mamta Sharma

Intellectual Property Law [Trade Marks, Patent and Copy Rights]

John H. Choi, USA

Certified Public Accountants

Mahendra Pandya
Zaveri & Co., USA



A nice site trying to do some social good and create awareness in people. Wishing you well in your endeavours.

- Raj Parekh, President, Star Investment & Fin Services