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Fear of Loud noises

Fear is never a reason for quitting; it is only an excuse.  - Norman Vincent Peale 

General Meaning of 'Loud noises'

'Loud noise' means loud sound that is harsh, undesired and disturbing. 

Fear of Loud noises Explained

You may have fear of loud deafening noises. You may fear that home appliances, musical instruments, phones, TV or sound or audio systems may make the loud or unpleasant noises. You may not like background noises coming in the phone, when you are talking. You may fear the noises made in the stock Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You might have bad experience of loud noises affecting your mental wellness. You may have been subject to trauma due to loud noises. You may have heredity hearing defect and avoid loud noises. You might have heard about someone becoming deaf due to impact of loud noisy sounds. You may prefer to w Read More..

Possible Signs

You will make sure that TV, home theatre system, home appliances, computers or any such devices are of tested quality so as not to make disturbing noises. You would not participate in public events, where you anticipate loud noises. You may become uncomfortable and flee from the places of loud no Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

You need to accept that you have the fear of loud noises. You need to make strong commitment with firm determination to deal with and manage this fear. You need to make sure that all modern day equipments and devices are of excellent quality. You should use the sound making devices or instruments Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

You have been waiting for a change of a pace to your normal routine. Many times, you may  face disappointments in your life. You may go through a loss. Be confident that it is about to find its way. You have to remember that there's another chapter coming to you. Expect the unexpected in Read More..

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I have 'Fear of 'Success', as I am successful man. I have read contents given in this remarkable work on this fear and wow !! I am now with reality and not pure imagination. Thank you for giving me new ways of thinking.

- Megh- MS from Stevens University, USA