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Fear of Chemicals or working with chemicals

Do not let your fears choose your destiny. - Unknown

General Meaning of 'Chemicals or working with chemicals'

'Chemicals' means a homogenous substance used in or created by reactions between such substances, when they are mixed.

Fear of Chemicals or working with chemicals Explained

You may fear that the chemicals would cause skin allergies or are health hazards. You may fear that contact of some chemicals to your eyes can make you blind. You may fear that chemicals are poisonous and can take your life. Some chemicals would cause fire. You may fear synthetic chemicals due to Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

Reports about people getting poisoned with toxic gases and died, like Bhopal- India Gas tragedy can create this fear. Reports about the oil spill of BP in Gulf of Mexico causing environmental damage and impact on ocean lives can instil this fear. Reports about contamination of lead in the drinkin Read More..

Possible Signs

You’d be more suspicious in breathing air, drinking water and eating food. You may wear air filter masks or hand gloves. You may choose to use the “natural” or organic products. You would carefully follow prescribed safeguards and measures, if you are working in chemical, fertil Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

Everything we use in daily life like plastic, shampoo, detergents, medicines, drugs, even water etc. are chemicals or composition of chemicals. In agriculture, most of the produces use chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Most of the food products and items use edible chemicals and preservatives. Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

If you fear, fear will fear you more. Fear is the spirit. It affects your emotions. When you choose to show your courage and confidence, no matter how you are feeling, you are combating your fear. Trash out your fearful thoughts. Fill your mind with fearless and daring thoughts. Hope is stronger Read More..

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