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Fear of Rain

Start where you are, use what you have and do what you can. - Arthur Ashe 

General Meaning of 'Rain'

'Rain' means water that falls visible in drops from the clouds in the sky. 

Fear of Rain Explained

You may have fear of moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls in drops on the ground. You may have fear of heavy rainfall, rain storm, rain showers, rainy weather or rainy season. You may even fear drizzle or light rain. You may have fear of water that comes down heavily, when dark cloud Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You might have traumatic experience of storm-like conditions in heavy downpour. You might be afraid of cloudy dark with thunders and lightening. You might have come across heavy floods due to heavy rain causing water damage to your house or property. You might have read the news media reports abo Read More..

Possible Signs

You would avoid going out in rainy season and feel depressed or socially withdrawn. You would look at the sky all the time or watch the weather channel to know about the forecast of rain. You would not buy your house or other property in flood zones. You would keep umbrella all the time with you. Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

Rain provides water. Water is the elixir of life. Human life, livestock, marine life or forests cannot survive without water provided by rain. Deficiency of rain cause draught which threaten our own existence. Rain is essential for water reservoirs for drinking water, growth of crops and vegetabl Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

Feel extra energy and drive to pursue your goals. Share your compassion with the world and await for the miracles. Expand your mind and leave it to wander in the big wide world. Use your intellectual prowess to win. Your higher level of thinking and the way you interact with the people can make y Read More..

If you need any further help

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I found this web site very useful to me to understand all about fears. You guys have really put all things together at one place to be very helpful to those who are so much afraid for actually nothing real. Thanks, again.

- Suresh