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Fear of Speed limit

Doing nothing is not an option. - Unknown 

General Meaning of 'Speed limit'

'Speed limit' means the limit of the speed up to which a vehicle has to be driven.  

Fear of Speed limit Explained

You may fear that you may exceed the speed limit at which you are required to drive your  vehicle. You may fear that you may get injured or die due to fatal accident caused by not observing the speed limit. You may fear that police will catch you and give you the ticket for traffic rules vio Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You might have experienced some serious accident and badly hurt in a speeding vehicle. Often news reports, TV documentaries and movies with fast action story that leads to fatal accidents can also trigger your fear of exceeding speed limits. You might have been involved in mishap of skidding vehi Read More..

Possible Signs

You may tremble at the mere thought of breach of speed limit. You may show the signs of being scared, sweaty hands, dry mouth, racing heart or shivering. 

Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

Fear of speed limit should not restrict your movements. This is your internal fear with lack of confidence. You have to understand that operating your vehicle with prescribed speed limit for your day today life is in your interest. You also need to realize that speed limits are posted for your ow Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

Always be kind. Reach out to the sad or depressed person to help getting a smile back to his face. Spend some time with him to explore new world for him. Show him new ideas or activities to bring him back to the life. He may not like to come out right away. But, if you turn on your charm and conv Read More..

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Wow !! So amazed to find the description on Child birth fear. I have also seen the video on this fear. Life changer. Life saver. Thank you fear management for your excellent concept to address fears in Humans.

- Manisha- Laser Technology Engineer