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Fear of Sharks

Do the thing you fear and continue to do so. This is the quickest and surest way of all victory over fear. - Dale Carnegie

General Meaning of 'Sharks'

'Shark' means the large and dangerous fish found in the ocean with sharp teeth.

Fear of Sharks Explained

You may have a persistent and consistent fear of sharks. You may fear that shark would attack you. You may fear that shark may hurt or kill you. You may fear that you may die by the shark attack. You may fear that you may lose any part of your body due to shark attack. This is your internal fear Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You might have been a victim of unpleasant shark attack. You might have witnessed a shark attack. Horrifying media reports of shark sightings or stories of fatal shark attacks might have triggered this fear in you. You might have seen movies like 'jaws', 'Dark tide' or 'Deep b Read More..

Possible Signs

You may show the signs of racing heartbeat, nervousness, sweating, nausea, mental anguish or even dizziness. You may avoid going near to oceans, sea shores, beaches, lakes, rivers, zoo, theme parks, sea worlds or aquariums, where you may encounter sharks. You may avoid seeing documentaries and fi Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

Every creature like shark has its own place in the nature. You need to understand the behavior and nature of sharks. This will help you to understand sharks better to overcome your fear. Avoidance is a sure way to overcome your fear. You may like to participate in the games like 'swim with th Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

When you wake up, some thoughts on deadlines to meet, big appointment at work, challenges you are facing, difficulty in relationships or financial issues may consume you. Instead of focusing on what circumstances have to offer, focus on positivity of life. Think that all would be well. Nurture yo Read More..

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I am really impressed with the contents on different fears which human beings are encountered in their day to day life. Good work. All the best.

- Dr.Neha Shah