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Fear of Sexual abuse

Be strong because things will get better. It may be stormy now, but it never rains forever. - Unknown

General Meaning of 'Sexual abuse'

'Sexual abuse' means non consensual, violent and forceful sexual behaviour.

Fear of Sexual abuse Explained

You may have fear of being sexually abused. You may be scared of people that they may resort to forceful sexual behaviour. You may be afraid of rape, sexual assault or sexual molestation. You may be a old or mentally ill person incapable of giving sexual consent. You may be the victim below age t Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You might have an experience of being sexually abused by someone at an early age. You might have seen someone being sexually abused either at your home or at some other place. You might have heard about someone being held as captive for numbers of years and sexually abused. This might have caused Read More..

Possible Signs

You may often feel scared, when anyone talk, come close or touch you. You may avoid attending social events. You may show the signs of increased heart-rate, trembling sensation, sweating, dry mouth or being panic. 

Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

You will find this fear more in the minds of virgin teenage girls, children or old age persons. Sexual abuse is not normal human behaviour. You must be able to read the minds of people around you. You must be watchful and careful about those people who wants to take undue advantage of you. You ne Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

Be confident that you would be able to forget the past and move on in your life. You cannot be in present, if you are looking backward. Life may not be easy and delightful at all times. You need to take responsibility for what is in your life. It is in your hands to make it better and happier. Th Read More..

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