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Fear of Radiation

The thing I fear most is fear. - Henry Miller 

General Meaning of 'Radiation'

'Radiation' means process of emitting energy from radioactive substances.

Fear of Radiation Explained

You may fear the emission of energy from radioactive substances. You may fear radiation, as it is toxic and fatal. You may fear radioactivity, as it generates radiation dangerous to your health. You may fear radioactivity of X-Rays, as you may believe that it generates radiation. You may fear tha Read More..

What Probably Can Cause It

You may have fear of radiation due to some disturbing information you might have through media or other sources that it is harmful to you. You may fear radiation due to your concern that it can cause bodily tissue damage, some illness or may affect your mental health. You may have very poor under Read More..

Possible Signs

You would avoid going to doctors or hospitals in an effort to avoid X-rays. You may avoid using microwave oven to heat your food. You may avoid medical treatment involving radiation. You may show the signs of irregular breathing, trembling, nausea or dry mouth.

Read More..

Suggested Techniques to Deal with and Manage this Fear

You are not an exception to fear about radiation. However, distorted or half information about radiation may scare you more. You need to know and understand the facts about the radiation. You need to educate yourself about possible fall out of radiation. You have to motivate yourself to remove th Read More..

Inspirational and Motivational

Sometimes, things happen in life that seems like breaking you down. Sometimes, things happen in life may disappoint you. Sometimes, things happen in life may discourage you. In every situation, be a brave person to get along. Do not bother about what others say. Bother about what you want to happ Read More..

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Hey, Excellent briefing on fears of different types. very helpful to remove the concerns and face the reality with confidence.It is a really a community help. Kudos to Fear Management team.

- Madhavan B. Nair